What is the social program?

The Indian Financial Literacy is collaborating with NGOs which help it reach underprivileged communities which need access to financial knowledge, we will then send the volunteers under this program to these communities to teach them and help spread financial literacy across India.

How can students be a part of this program?

The students who complete the program Finance 101, or individuals who are already established and working in the field of finance will be given an opportunity to be a part of the social program.

What are the benefits of joining the program?

The members will be rewarded with some good karma and a certificate from our side, if they complete the requisite hours of social work under the program. It will help them boost their CV value tremendously.

Where will the social program be conducted?

The Indian Financial Literacy Initiative Team will be collaborating with NGOs across the country to get access to underprivileged communities. Members are encouraged to themselves take proactive steps to identify such communities which can be targeted.